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Details the free webspace providers that offer PHP scripting on their server.

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Chart #1:  PHP environment details
for tested free webhosts

The free PHP hosting comparison chart below was compiled from phpinfo() files on test accounts of the free webspace hosts, and are subject to change as the free website hosts update their PHP software configurations.


Free Web Host PHP
Award Space 5.3.29 MySQL 10.1.26-MariaDB Enabled Off 30 2.1.0 compatible 2018-11-6
Byet Host 7.0.19 MySQL 5.0.12 Enabled Off 20 2.1.0 compatible 2018-11-6
Host-ed 5.3.10 MySQL 5.1.62 Enabled Off 15 2.0.34 compatible 2012-5-14
100 Webspace 4.4.9 MySQL 5.5.56-MariaDB Enabled Off 30 2.0.28 compatible 2018-11-6


Directories of free web hosting providers:


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