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Free PHP Scripts by 0PHP.COM

This is a directory of free PHP scripts written by us at 0PHP.COM.
[ Also see: Index of all Free PHP Scripts. ]

Source Code Utility - Optionally add line numbers (inline or separate) and/or highlight the PHP syntax in the source code.  Files to highlight are chosen in a form and temporarily uploaded to the remote server, or you can use this script on your local server to aid PHP development.

MySQL Backup Utility - PHP script to make SQL commands to delete, insert, and modify MySQL database table entries.

Useful for:
(1) when you update your database offline and import the changes to online database, or
(2) when you update your database online and want a SQL backup of the changes.



Site-mapper - Spiders a website and creates a sitemap using the page titles.

Math Worksheet Pro - Creates math problems (and answers) for home-schoolers or teachers.  Has control panel form to input many options as how to create the homework or test sheets to print.

404 Error Log - Record info for 404 errors into a log file and/or email the webmaster of the problem so he can fix the broken links.  There are 2 versions: (1) for a 404.php file, and (2) for a 404.html file if a 404.php is not possible - it can even be hosted on another server with PHP (uses MySQL or text file database).

Download Counter - Download system like the one used on this site to hide the true URL (anti-leeching) and count the number of file downloads (uses text file database).

Statistics Logger - Program to log the stats of a website into a log file, and display statistical info such as top referrers, etc. (using either MySQL or text file database).

Link Checking Tool - Lists the links of a webpage, and/or checks if the links are expired domains listed in the DMOZ, Google, or Yahoo directories.


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