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PHP Source Code Utility (SCU)
Line Numberer and Syntax Highlighter


Highlight PHP syntax and optionally add line numbers to PHP source code or files, with several output options. Files to highlight are chosen in a form and temporarily uploaded to the remote server, or you can use this script on your local server to aid PHP development.


Demo not currently available.

Download current version:

Current version: v1.0.0
Created: July 13, 2002
Last modified: July 13, 2002.

Download source code, scripts, and documentation:

Format: Size: Download Link:
Zip 3.256 KB

System Requirements:


Tested on:

  • Windows 98 - PHP Version 4.0.1pl2.

  • Windows NT 5.1 - PHP Version 4.1.2.

  • Linux - PHP Version 4.0.3pl1.

Installation and Configuration:

  • (optional) Default values may be modified in scu.php.

  • Copy scu.php to your server, and run it.


FREE (GPL - See Copyright and Terms below).

Copyright and Terms:

This software is copyright (C) 2002 Mike Miller. It is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). Because it is licensed free of charge, there is NO WARRANTY, it is provided AS IS. The author can not be held liable for any damage that might arise from the use of this software. Use it at your own risk.

All copyright notices and links to website MUST remain intact in the scripts and in the HTML for the scripts.

For more details, see GPL license (or

Version History:

Version: v1.0.0 - July 12, 2002.

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