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Description: A very small PHP script to show page source code with highlighted PHP syntax.

Last update:
Rating: 0.5/5

Our Review:

Code size: Medium

Documentation: Little.

Ease of use: A little difficult to setup, but nice program to show the source code of scripts on your website, especially if you have many scripts in several directories, mixed with files you don't want shown.

Options: User chooses from a confined set of files (normally via a "show source" link), and whether or not to use line numbers (separate from code). Colors of syntax highlighting can easily be changed in the script. There are 2 different modes (BASIC or ADVANCED) to determine how files are allowed or restricted.

How to call the script: Enter URL of script with file parameter, e.g.,

Comments: Version 1.1.0 beta is not recommended, as it only halfway added a new feature to show included files (i.e. not finished). Instead use Version 1.0.1.


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